Some of our Larger Complex Projects

Point Mugu Naval Base – Building PM531, PM3008 & PM3009

Client:  NAVFAC-Naval Base Ventura County – Point Mugu CA

Location: Point Mugu Naval Base – Building PM531, PM3008 & PM3009

Prime Contractor: American Building Comfort Services, Inc.

Budget Cost: $1,318,000

Completed: December 2019

 HVAC Overview:  This multiple building chiller replacement projects was a design-build IDIQ contract award to provide complete design and engineering for 3-high secure buildings to install new replacement chillers, install new process chiller and remove existing water cooled chiller and replace with new air cooled chiller plant with DDC Controls.

PM531-NAVAIR – Removed 2-Trane chillers and installed 2-new Air Cooled 50 ton Chillers, 2-new CW Pumps, provided ABB Frequency Drives, new piping, new electrical and Automated Logic DDC Controls work for this critical facility.  Project was done in phases working closely with the end users to eliminate any downtime for the customer. 

PM3009 – NAVAIR – Provided complete mechanical design and engineering to install a new 30-ton Process Low Temp Chiller using ethylene-glycol, for providing critical cooling to the end user’s equipment.   Project included all new chilled water piping, new electrical service, new CW pumps, storage tank, all accessories and Automated Logic DDC Controls. 

PM3008- NAVAIR – This portion of the contract was to provide heat load analysis, engineering and design for this 3-story high secure lab building.  Removed existing 180-ton water cooled chiller, cooling tower and all equipment.  Then provide a complete new chiller plant for the building which includes 2-new 200-ton Air Cooled York Chillers, new SW Pumps, all new 6” steel piping, new ABB Frequency Drives, new electrical service to all equipment, concrete work, fence work, plumbing work and installing a new Automated Logic DDC Control System to operate and control the new Chiller Plant.   


This multi-building design-build project was planned out carefully and worked closely with NAVFAC and the end users to custom design each installation around the customer’s specific needs at each location.    


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