Some of our Larger Complex Projects

Repair HVAC & Upgrades Camp Parks Dublin, CA   

Repair HVAC & Upgrades Camp Parks Dublin, CA   

Client:  Department of the Air Force SMC/PKPO Contracting  

Location: Building 2001, 2002, 2003 & 2005 – Army Reserve Center Camp Parks

Prime Contractor: American Building Comfort Services, Inc.

Budget Cost: $928,650

Completed:  Under Construction

HVAC Overview:  ABC was selected exclusively for this large design-build project for all new HVAC and electrical upgrades to all 4-buildings at high secure compound at Camp Parks.  Contract was for providing mechanical, electrical, structural and architectural engineering and design for all 4 buildings.  Install all new heating and air conditioning package units, new computer room air conditioning equipment, new sheet metal ducting, air distribution and controls.  Upgraded electrical equipment and service to new equipment.  Also provided team of subcontractors for duct cleaning, certified air test and balance of all buildings, concrete work, ceiling work, insulation work and all high voltage electrical.  This project slated to take 1 year to complete and still currently under construction.

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